This is a typical instagram picture, I would say. I went to the movies and enjoyed the atmosphere there but with the angle of my iPhone there was no change to capture it. So I just shot the curtain and thought „Let’s see what instagram can make out of that.“

This already shows one of the main reasons why the company is incredibly successful right now: The algorithm of the filter improve the quality of pictures tremendously and it just takes a few clicks. You push the button without thinking because you know what the software can do. Some people say, that the pics looks like coming out of a 70s polaroid, but they are wrong. Of course, you cannot do as many adjustments as with other programs, but this is an advantage. The app is about easy sharing and therefore the post- production has to be fast. Fast uploads is the third reason for their success. What I like about the company is that they always stick to these functions and nothing else. They did not add something nobody would use, rather lead to confusion. That is why they have so few employees but nevertheless thirty million users.

With this increase of quality an interesting problem is rising up: There is a danger that we will be lavished by great picture with the consequence that every single picture is not that valuable. We cannot be surprised anymore which takes away the possibility to provoke something with a picture.

You cannot blame the founders to sell their company especially for this amount of money. But still it’s sad that the big five internet companies won’t permit any new competitor. Now it is the turn of new start ups to beat the grown ups, or for flickr to get back on their feet. You could argue that instagram is twitter with photos and it would be great if twitter would decide to establish a competitor.

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