iOS low-hanging fruits

John Gruber thought about „low hanging fruits“ for iOS and came up with Third-party Notification Center widgets. Like the Stocks and Weather ones from Apple — information at a glance, without launching an app. Contrary to Android and WP the App-icons on iOS are static. How could they give information at a glance on your home screen, without ruining the UI concept?

The current concept is great, because it’s so simple: You arrange all of your apps on as many home screens as you need, nothing more. The size of the icons is relatively small to leave space in between in order to create an uncongested look. The downside of this is that it cannot display more information than four-digit figures. A flexible size of the tiles is no solution. The only solution I can see is to give app developers the option to create tiles with the size of two tiles next to each other or on top of each other (plus the generous space in between) and a 2×2 square. That’s not perfect as this is pretty big, but the simplest thing I can think of. I am curious if something like that will be part of iOS 6.